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Among many pleasures of mine, getting lost in the world of Pinterest is definitely one of them. While I will admit to spending hours on Pinterest, I find that it motivates and inspires me, often times feeding my creativity. While I have been meaning to make a physical vision/inspiration board for myself, I haven’t quite come around to putting it all together. However, slowly but surely, I have collected text and images here and there, as I plan to create this physical board to hang in my room in the near future. So far, if an image or text in a magazine catches my eye, resonates with me or is something that I aspire to achieve or obtain in my life, or I simply like the the way it looks, I may tear it out and put it aside to put on my inspiration board (that is, once I come around to actually purchasing a cork or upholstered board of some sort).

In the meantime, I have been using Pinterest as a virtual inspiration board. Although somewhat different than an actual vision board, both feed the mind, creativity, and are ways of surrounding myself with and further inspiring positivity.


I look forward to sharing my physical inspiration board with you, however in the meantime, please feel free to check out and follow my Pinterest account! Xo


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