Friends of the Fringe

This past Saturday was spent shopping with one of my closest friends Erin and her younger sister Mckenzie. We covered decent ground, exploring West Hollywood, specifically Melrose Place, (currently one of my favorite areas to do this) and eventually went on to Beverly Hills. Starting at A.P.C, we then made our way to Violet Grey. It was my first time at Violet Grey and will definitely not be my last. Aside from the amazing variety of products available, the space was very beautifully decorated!


I was given a brief tour of the store. Photographed below is a space for private makeup application, tutorials, and other services. The walls are covered with sketches by costume designer, Edith Head as well as other inspiring images. This room must have been my favorite.

From Violet Grey we made our way to Chloé, where I bought a pair black suede fringe wedges (half off!) that I am very excited about! They are super fun and different than any other shoe I have in my closet. They are a highly welcomed addition to my collection.

Proceeding to Equipment, then The Row, we eventually made a stop at Rag & Bone (denim galore), Opening Ceremony, COS (where I bought the perfect casual white crew neck tee), and then to our last stop, IRO (have to go back). Somewhere along the way we stopped by Alfred Coffee for some iced latte’s…necessary.


While at Opening Ceremony, I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen or spoken to in quite some time. It was a pleasant surprise to run into her. This is what really put the thought in my head of how much can change, as I looked back to a summer in which she and I, a mutual girl friend of ours, along with two or three others spent days on end together. To think that people I once spent so much of my time with could become nearly strangers in my life is a remarkable thought.

Things can change so quickly. It’s really astonishing when you think about it. If you asked me going into high school who I thought I’d become close friends with, Erin would not come to mind. We dated the same guy so, knowing this going into our freshman year of high school, we obviously had to let it create tension between us. That’s just how high school works, right?

Well fast forward. Erin is now one of my closest and most valued friends. She has a great head on her shoulders, has a killer sense of style, and I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend. To think that we disliked each other even before meeting because of a guy and now are friends well beyond high school goes to show that things can change in ways you may not expect. What once created a divide between us is now something we can look back on and laugh about as it is of the past. (Ha, thanks Kyle!)

Looking back at where I was and looking at where I am now, quite a bit has changed. I suppose I was too caught up in the moment to realize or take note of these changes as they were taking place. Things go in and out of style. People change. Things change. Life changes. But for me, they are now changing with a fabulous pair of suede fringe Chloé wedges and a classic white tee from COS.

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