A Reflection

A Reflection

As I begin to remove Christmas ornaments and lights, I reflect on this holiday season. The holidays have always been a magical time and seem like the perfect way to wrap up the year. Visits to the Grove were regular and my fascination with holiday lights was that of a childs. This year I spent Thanksgiving with family, Christmas morning at my apartment with my first tree of my own, Christmas day with my family, and celebrated my birthday with some of my closest friends.

On my birthday, I woke up to a lovely gift from my thoughtful boyfriend and stopped to see my mother before heading to DryBar to get my hair done in Beverly Hills. I had a delicious lunch at Cecconis in West Hollywood with a group of my girl friends and got my first manicure and pedicure at the beautifully decorated Olive & June with my high school bestie, Natalie. (I’m currently loving the rose gold polish on my fingers!) After a day with my girl friends, I made my way home to my boyfriend where we enjoyed some down time and much anticipated triple berry birthday cake from Sweet Lady Jane before heading to Terroni for dinner. We concluded the night with a stroll around the Grove before making our way back home. Despite the fact that some of my friends were unable to celebrate my birthday with me, those who did in addition to the floods of birthday wishes definitely made the day special. (A big thank you for all of the birthday love!)

2016 has been quite a year – a year of celebrating accomplishments, of change, of growth, and of attempted adulting. I hear people speak of the negative aspects of 2016 and while I do acknowledge its drawbacks, I choose to focus on the positive moments and accomplishments of this year. I graduated college, moved into a brand new apartment with my boyfriend and dog Luna, traveled to Europe, exploring Greece with my very best friend, took a trip to New York and Las Vegas, established and developed beautiful friendships, and as of yesterday, turned twenty three.

Looking forward, I plan to enter the new year with optimism and stick to my resolutions to the best of my ability. In addition to my more specific resolutions to drink more water, to cut back sugar in my diet and to find and keep a good skincare routine, I hope to incorporate fitness into my routine, making health and wellness (both physically and mentally) a greater priority and focus in my daily life overall. I will work to be the best version of myself that I can be and am hopeful that 2017 will be another year of growth, filled with new opportunities, beautiful memories, and positive vibes.

Wish you all happy holidays and a very happy new year!

Cheers! xo


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