Glossier Has Done It Again – The Zit Stick!

Glossier Has Done It Again – The Zit Stick!

Glossier has done it again with the release of their new invisible acne clearing Zit Stick!

The Zit Stick is a portable pen used to invisibly spot treat your acne no matter where you are when it pops up! Benzoyl Peroxide, targeting germs and minimizes swelling and redness is paired with Capryloyl Salycilic Acid, a gentler derivative of Salicylic Acid for reduced stress on the skin, and Tea Tree Oil, a natural healing oil, to effectively treat blemishes.

How To Use… Click the pen 3-6 times until the formula appears on the rollerball. Roll over zit to apply. You can apply this up to 3 times per day until your pimple is gone. (Note: With a fresh Zit Stick, you may have to twist the pen at least 16 full turns to get the formula flowing)

I was personally super excited to hear that Glossier was coming out with a Zit Stick! I absolutely LOVE my Indie Lee Banish Stick and use it on the regular so I was very interested in seeing Glossier’s take on one of my holy grail skincare products. What stood out to me and is unique to Glossier’s breakout eraser, is the stainless steel rollerball tip. Unlike other sponge or brush applicators, antimicrobial stainless steal prevents bacterial growth for extra-sanitary application. When dealing with acne, hygiene is key so I very much appreciated the attention to this in the formulation of this product.

Another great factor to consider is the price point! Like most Glossier products, it is very reasonably priced, retailing at $14! To shop Glossier’s Zit Stick and other Glossier products, click here!





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