Hello November!

Hello November!

It is already mid-November! Halloween came and went and now the holiday season is approaching. As we transition from pumpkin spice lattes to peppermint mochas, red Starbucks cups are appearing, scarves and other winter apparel are making their way to the front of our closets, and wish lists are beginning to form in our minds.

With Thanksgiving inching closer and closer, I am very much looking forward to spending this time with my friends and family. My best friend Natalie will be coming home for the holiday and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see her in addition to other friends who will be visiting from the east coast.

It is no surprise that the day after Thanksgiving signifies (not only Black Friday) but also the day where it is somewhat socially acceptable to start playing your holiday playlist on repeat as if it is Christmas day. The Grove turns into a winter wonderland and the holiday spirit inevitably begins sneaks its way into us all.

I look forward to sharing with you holiday playlists, sales, stocking stuffers, gift ideas, some items that are catching my eye, and more this holiday season. Stay tuned!



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