In Flight

In Flight

Travel polaroids

Reservations have been made, flights have been booked, my itinerary has been finalized, and my trip to Greece is quickly approaching. I am now completely moved out of my apartment so now it is time to get some things in order in preparation for my travels. Starting in Los Angeles, I will fly to Montreal to meet my friend Natalie. From Montreal, we will make our way to Greece, flying into Athens, then traveling to Santorini and Mykonos. Natalie and I will fly back to Athens where we will part ways. While she heads to Vienna, I will make my way to New York and then back home a couple days later. The last time I flew for such a duration, I was a young child and slept nearly the whole flight. As I have grown up, falling asleep on a plane seems to be more difficult. While I am still somewhat small, curling up in a ball on what used to feel like a massive seat doesn’t seem as easy as it used to. It was suggested to take a sleeping pill, but I can totally see myself pulling a Bridesmaids and wandering the plane so I think I am going to find an alternative. I will probably be far too excited to sleep much anyway but we will just have to wait and see…

travel essentials

Mirrored charger (similar) // Rag & Bone scarf // Neck pillow // Coloring book (more) // Colored pencils (similar) //Ear buds // Good Vibes Only phone case // Passport //Clear cosmetic case (similar) // Nivea chapstick (1,2,3) // Epicuren facial mist // Indie Lee blemish stick // Clare V. tote (similar)

Flying tends to put some stress on my skin so some beauty products to help me stay refreshed and hydrated will be very important. When flying, I never like having my hair in my face so you’ll find me sporting a high pony or messy top bun. My EmiJay skinny hairties will be a must! Obviously my Nivea chapstick comes with me everywhere I go, but I will need to pack a hydrating mist of some sort to maintain a radiant and hydrated complexion. I always recommend Mario Badescu rose water facial spray but have also been meaning to try Epicurens Aloe Cucumber mist. Here are some other options to consider as well (1,2,3). I will probably apply some mascara not long before landing but other than that, I will be makeup free on this flight (not that I wear much makeup to begin with) – it feels so much better that way.

In addition to staying on top of my skincare, I will definitely need to be prepared to keep myself entertained or at the very least occupied during this long flight. I will be bringing a notebook and coloring book to consume some of this time. I have shared some cool coloring books I’ve stumbled upon above. My airplane playlist will be crucial as will a pair of comfortable headphones or earbuds, a season or two of Friends, and some games on my phone. I will have a lot to write about and plenty of time to do so on my way back from Europe so stay tuned!



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