It is officially my birthday! While it has only been a matter of minutes, the celebrating has already begun. Yesterday, two of my best friends, Erin and Natalie who are unfortunately now out of town, took me hostage for a day filled with fun and surprises in celebration of my 22nd birthday. Arriving with an assortment of donuts (I tried my first cronut…YES), balloons, and other gifts, we began the much anticipated girls day.

Our first destination: Melrose Place. We popped in and out of shops, of course beginning at Alfred Coffee, proceeding to ChloéViolet Grey, Rag & Bone, Reformation, and other stores around the area.

Lunch time at ZinquéThe three of us enjoyed tartines and drinks at Zinqué on their lovely outdoor patio.


Surprise: DryBarAfter some more shopping, the girls surprised me by taking me to DryBar on Sunset. With our hair on fleek, we made a stop at Natalie’s to get ready, and then made our way to the next surprise destination. 

Dinner time: YsabelThere was no holding back when it came to dinner – bread basket, farmers market salad, grilled cheese, pasta, herb roasted chicken, sorbet – we went for it.

I am so lucky to have such thoughtful friends and really couldn’t have asked for a better “birthday” spent with them.

IDK about you but I’m feeling twenty-two.


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